Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Last part of July 2014 - addendum :-)

JULY 2014 - 2d part

This is an addendum to July 2014 that we sort of forgot due to the time between July 2014 and February 2015 when we are trying to catch our BLOG up -- sorry, but such is life here in the slow lane:-)

We begin with pictures from Lübeck - 17Jul2014. We are on our way back from Schwerin where we attended a Senior Couples missionary "retreat" with President and Sr Kosak.  Those pics are where we ended in Part 1 of July.


The well-known "Tor" into Lübeck.

Rathaus square (City Hall area)

Other "squares" just passing through:-)

Next, we visited Br & Sr Leschner on their farm across the bay from WHV.  They invited us up for a visit to talk "shop" & also let the Elders see a working farm that the Leschners have subsisted on for many years.  As I recall we have pictures of the farm building with its date going back to the 1800s.

Willi Leschner "watching" the Bratwurst grilling.

The Porters helping Br Leschner in "watching" the Bratwurst grilling.

Br. Leschner "watching more closely" the Bratwurst grilling:-)

Fresh peas in the pod for picking - which we freely did.  Yummy!

Elders mowing grass "the old fasshioned way"!

Elder Feild - L

Elder Young - R

The Bratwurst were GREAT!!!  The grill was homemade and worked wonderfully with the charcoal briquets.

We also made a trip to Oldenburg (OL) to the "Metro" - which is sort of the Costco type in Germany and Sr Porter practiced her interactive skills with two of the "locals":

We also wished Elder Feild farewell on his last transfer before going home to the USA:-)  He did a great job and we enjoyed his personality and efforts a great deal.  29Jul14 - We welcomed Elder Williams in his place.   


 A WHV Bahnhof (Train Station) farewell......

 We ended the month by going to Cuxhaven to celebrate Br Klaus Strauch's birthday with them.  Br Strauch is serving as my 1st Counsellor in the Branch Presidency. Sister Ilse Strauch brings a lot of knowledge and experience in the church to the branch. Br Strauch is 2d generation LDS and he is a marvelous person - I really appreciate his support and being able to go to him for great advice and insights:-)

A pic of Cuxhaven ocean front.  A very nice place and lunch at the beach was also very nice:-)

Of note, Elder Rich began serving as "trainer" for Elder Smith who arrived in Germany from Provo, UT in July 2014.

This ends our "catch-up" for July:-)

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