Sunday, June 22, 2014

                                               22 June 2014 -- MAY

We think we'd better strike while the iron's hot - or the computer is up and running, and we have some time to do so.
   Today is Sunday and as we want to catch up our Blog thru May- here goes:-)
   We have continued to be very busy in the work, filling in for instructors who are out of town, ill, or otherwise not available:-)  It gets fun and challenging to try to conduct gospel discussions in German. It is entertaining for the Germans - I believe - as often Kent will ask whoever's there, "What's this in German?".

  In early May, our District Leader was transferred. His companion, Elder Flack from Katy, TX, looks on.

  We also welcomed a new Senior Couple (the Bensons) from California who will be assigned in Oldenburg (OL).

From L-R: Elder Matthews, Elder Brown, Elder Kincaid (new Zone Leader), Brigitte, Kent, Sr Benson, Elder Benson, Elder Billings peeking out between Elders Porter and Benson, Elder Flack and Elder Kossin.


 Also, Elder Matthews was transferred. We took him to the WHV trainstation (Bahnhof) so he and Elder Billings could catch the train. Elder Billings would wait with the ZLs in OL for his new companion, then bring him back to WHV that day. It is usual for Elders to be called on Saturday, say goodbye to those they can, get packed, speak a farewell in church on Sunday, get to the train or bus early Tuesday and arrive at new distinations by that evening.  Glad we don't have to be more involved with all of that juggling, other than helping leave and helping arrivals.

Here is the next day (Wednesday) in English Class in the Branch Bldg Primary Room.

Elder Feild (yes, it is spelled correctly) is the new Elder in WHV - on the far left. He is from Pioa (?) Utah.  Elder Billings is sitting next to Lukas Stelter - who turned 14 in May - and Lukas' brother Leon - who turns 12 this September.  They get help from us with American English, which could cause some difficulties in their school classes, as they teach UK European English:-)

Elder Feild demonstrates his enthusiasm for the class:-) Travel lag on the body clock?

Sister Porter (Brigitte) is the class instructor and she does an excellent job. We are able to use our iPads, computer, etc. as these are not against mission rules for Senior Couples and we hope the Elders will have that capability (tablets) before this year is out.

We feel that Germany is not a rapidly growing mission, and other areas may have a higher priority to integrate these new technologies into the mission fields.

In the middle of May, we made a trip farther north to visit Kent's 1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency, Br Strauch (Klaus) and his wife (Ilse).  Cuxhaven is 1.5 hours drive away from us, and we marvel at their dedication attending church every Sunday, as well as other special times when we have an activity of note,or a special need. They are priceless in their support.

The last week of the May we had permission to go to Bad Doberan near Rostock to visit the Bordelles - Heidi and Jochen.  Jochen is a cousin of Brigitte's and his wife Heidi. They came to Texas to visit us in May 2013, and we returned the visit:-)

A VERY OLD cloister in Bad Doberan. Note the Roman arches as this goes back to the Roman Empire times.

Our new summer house in the northern most part of Germany:-)

Deal is "pending".

Time to eat!!! 

 A Royal Navy Sub on display at Island Rügend

Time for a cruise up the East Coast of the Island Rügen.

LOOK -- No hat - No sunscreen!! 

Jochen and Heidi at sea :-)

Chalk cliffs (Kreidefelsen) at the northern most part of Germany. Part of the Island Rügend, which is famous for these cliffs.

 Binz is a resort part of Rügend Island. It is also the largest city here.  As you can see, there is entertainment during the good weather months and lots of things going on. This place impressed us A LOT - but it would run against the grain of humility for us to try to live here :-)

Time for Italian ice cream.  We should have taken a picture of thee creations, but they were too decadent.


The above is a picture of Heidi's mother when she used to work in this ice cream parlor. The parlor is to the right after being remodelled a few times. This was also part of the DDR - East Germany, where Heidi was born and grew up.

Brigitte found an old Rabbit Gun near the seashore :-)

Although many things look very much alike, or similar, they are all a sign of the times then.  The mix of modern and historic - centuries ago - can be very interesting.
The attitudes, however, are modern, yet ingrained in the people due to the centuries of tradition and the government supported school system that teaches what and how, which can be a two-edged sword.

SO - let us bid you all another FOND farewell and may the truths of the gospel be a lantern unto your feet as the Old Testament advises.

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