Sunday, January 26, 2014

26Jan2014 - Gee -- It seems like only last month that we updated our BLOG!!
Hello ALL - 
   It has been a long time since we updated our blog. Yes - we have been busy, but also have taken perhaps too much time to rest and recharge at the expense of doing some blogging:-)
   Just before Christmas 2013, we took a trip to Bremen to look at their Christmas Markt. We had a couple of members with us - Jürgen Schulz and Amy Woolcott (from Chicago) who are married and have been an enormous help to us in getting started and understanding our new environment. We appreciate their blessing our lives so much:-)

As we walked toward the Bremen Christmas Markt, Sister Porter (Brigitte) stopped to give us a nice pose. Notice the church steeples and streetcars (Straßenbahnen) in the background. And - of course, a part of a very nice Christmas tree.

Another very nice Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad - Giantwheel) which is part of the Christmas Market celebrations.

There are many, many shops here, just like in Dresden, but much smaller.  There are many places to get warm drinks (and when you're lucky, Hot Chocolate:-) ) You can find gallons of Glüwein, but we found a special treasure that we don't find in the U.S.,

This "Heavenly Imbis" had a very attractive aroma for some travellers who were very hungry.  As we were enjoying our Wurst "hotdog" - Wurst in a bun - our friend Br Schulz let us know it was horse meat.  That is unusal to our diet, but common in Germany. Many people survived on horse meat when food was so very scarce at the end of the war -- or in decimated towns/cities where only survivors then lived.  The military had done its thing and moved on to the "front" where the fighting continued.

  However, it still tasted very good, but the thought was provocative:-)  I was glad that My Friend Flicka was dead and gone, but not to this heaven:-)

The nativity scene at the base of one of the churches was being enjoyed by a young girl and her family. The family had gone ahead, but the little girl was still enjoying the scene, colors, and artistry.

Some very nice buildings on the square.


So farewell until our next installment - coming very soon (Trust Me) :-)


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